The Equestrian Center

In Hípica Rueda we have a school, routes and rides, boarding and an excellent stud farm.

Located in the spectacular surroundings of La Sierra de La Calderona, in the Centro Ecuestre Hípica Rueda we have the best facilities for the care of the horse and the enjoyment of nature.

In Hípica Rueda we have a Stud Farm with 23 P.R.E. and 4 Sport Horses.

If your passions are horses and nature, Hípica Rueda offers riding school or routes and walks, in an unbeatable environment.

We have all the services and facilities that you and your horse may need.

We offer you the possibility to move your horse, with all the guarantees and comfort.

With our gift cards you can give a horseback riding route through the Sierra Calderona. Give a surprise to that special person!
Foundation dedicated to the development of Animal Assisted Therapy, Education and Leisure programs.