Logo de la Hípica Rueda, Centro Equestre y escuela de equitación con yeguada propia de Náquera (Valencia)

Pupillage for horses

At Hípica Rueda horses are entertained and exercised in our fenced paddocks

Depending on your horse’s needs, at Hípica Rueda you can choose to leave your horse in one of our 36 Boxes or 47 Paddocks, with different locations depending on the horse’s needs.

Enjoy all the facilities and rides in the Sierra Calderona by hiring the services of Pupilage in Centro Ecuestre Rueda (VALENCIA).

Tamers: What they do is to break and initiate the horses into the world of dressage.

Farriers: Large teams that boil cold or hot depending on the needs of each horse. Varieties: orthopaedic / Napoleonic / standard / palmitieso / warfoot / topino.

24 hour veterinarians: Professionals at the service of the equestrian world in a 24 hour service. Equine specialists and equipped to carry out: X-rays, ultrasound scans, blood tests, castrations, probing…

Pupillage Description:

  • Automatic drinking troughs
  • Feeding 3 times a day with choice of feed according to the horse’s needs.
  • Feeding supervised by an equine nutritionist.
  • Parking area for trailers.
  • Saddlery.
  • Locker.
Price: 215€ (VAT excl.).

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